The concept of NUSH jewelry line is based on the idea of using the ancient Armenian ornaments in silver and vitreous enamel jewelry. We’re inspired by the ability to revive the variety of ornaments and to display them in bright and modern colors using a rich palette of vitreous enamel. The technology of vitreous enamel requires only handmade production. Therefore, each piece is unique and exclusive.
The freedom to create gave not only the opportunity to craft unique pieces of jewelry, but jewelry which concept idea is rooted in ancient history of Armenian ornaments and techniques imbedded in the oldest decorative art techniques, the hot enamel technique.

Vitreous enamel art goes back to more than three thousand years of history. The oldest known objects fusion of glass and metal found in Mycenae and Cyprus ilsands (15-14 in. BC.). “Byzantine cloisonné art” considers to be a classic art technique. Byzantine vitreous enameling art spread to neighboring countries such as Georgia, Armenia, and Russia. It all starts with a sketch, the inspiration for which are masterpieces of Armenian architecture, paintings and manuscripts. Then the silver model is created, usually 960 or 925 silver. Using thin silver wire an ornament is depicted on the model by hand, after what the model is filled with hot enamel to create an ancient pattern. This technique is called – cloisonné.
Vitreous enamel itself is created by grinding the colored glass to the desired uniformity. Powdered enamel is then combined with water to bring it to the desired consistency and is applied to the cells on the jewelry piece. Then, the piece is heated in a muffle furnace. Different types and colors of enamel require different heat temperatures, which ranges from 700 to 900 degrees Celsius. After heating, the enamel is uniformly covers the cell, turning into colored glass. For a complete version of the jewelry piece and depending on the complexity of the composition it may require from three to twelve rounds of heating. A jeweler is not able to control the process of enamel and metal fusion, however based on experience and intuition he can only adjust the time and heating temperature. This is what creates the uniqueness of each piece of enamel jewelry.